Selective product range

Greenea, player of circular economy, promoting the production of biofuels and bioenergy from waste

Sustainability and traceability of the products are of key importance to us

Our expertise covers not only technical characteristics of the products but also the sustainability and traceability issues. We are well familiar with such sustainability certification schemes as: 2BSVS, ISCC, REDCERT, RBO, RSPO.

The supply-chain of waste-based products

Biodiesel UCOME & TME value chain

80% of the products we negotiate are waste-based

Used cooking oil

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Recycled used cooking oil certified with ISCC, Red Cert or 2BSVS with acidity (FFA) max. 5-6% and iodine value between 50 -120 TME Biodiesel

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Biodiesel made from UCO or animal fat.
CFPP is between +10°C and +12°C
Animal fat cat.1&2

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Animal by-products (pork, poultry, beef…). This type of feedstock is certified ISCC with acidity (FFA) between 15% and 35% UCOME Biodiesel

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Biodiesel made from UCO.
CFPP is between 0°C and +5°C.
Reduction of GHG emission between 83,8 and 94,7% compared to standard biofuels
Animal fat cat.3

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Animal by-products (pork, poultry, beef, mix…) that can be reused in animal feed, food or biodiesel industry.  Acidity level (FFA) may be lower than 1% and go up to 15% Crude Glycerine

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By-product of biodiesel production with glycerol content between 60 and 82%. It can be used by different industries: oleochemistry, biogas, animal feed
Fatty acids and acid oils

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By-products of oil refining (rapeseed, palm, sunflower soybean) Refined glycerine

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Glycerine with glycerol content between 92 and 99.5%  and can be certified Kosher. It can be used in food or pharmaceutical industries

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Palm Oil Mill Effluent is the by-product of palm oil refining. Its high acidity makes it necessary to pre-treat. It can be used as feedstock in biodiesel production. Bio-heating oil

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Residue of biodiesel distillation. It can be used in the cogeneration sector.

And the conventional products

RME biodiesel


Rapeseed oil FAME 0°C  80% Kosher glycerine
Soybean oil RME Refined Pharma glycerine
Palm oil SME
Refined palm oil PME

For whom?

we have a vast portfolio of clients all around europe:

  •  Biofuels producers
  •  Refiners and fuel distributors
  •  Co-generation units
  •  Biogas producers
  •  Oleochemical units