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Wasted-based and advanced feedstocks

A player in the circular economy, Greenea promotes the production of biofuels and bioenergy from waste. We collaborate with producers/collectors of bio-waste, such as used cooking oils, animal fats and various biomasses of Annex 9 - Part A in RED II.

EV and H2 certificates

Greenea supports the implementation of European financing mechanisms for electric charging players as well as hydrogen distributors. Examples of markets where we have a footprint are France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

New generation fuels

2007, Greenea is a pioneer in the brokerage of biofuels made from residual materials. A strong link in the biofuels sector, our company is involved in the marketing of biofuels at the international level. Always listening to the market, we are also active in new energies such as BioNGV, helping our client make offtake agreements in new generation fuels or simply as a broker like we used to in our historic activities.

Carbon credtis

Our partner Tracific supports entrepreneurs in the design of projects contributing to carbon neutrality. From the implementation of the project to the marketing of carbon credits, Tracific is active in carbon impact projects such as methane capture, carbon farming, up to the design of software for tracking CO2 savings.
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16 years of experience in markets, products, with players in the bioenergy sector

A pioneer in the brokerage of raw materials and residual biofuels, our team has a privileged network of producers and suppliers: biofuel industries and oil refineries, biomass power plants and trading companies.


Consulting for corporations

We help our clients increase their footprint in the biofuel sector by participating in strategic decisions involving for instance: design of the right sourcing strategy, due diligence on collectors, M&A, and help in structuring offtake agreements. Finally, you can always count on us to help you on supply and demand studies at the global or local scale, for biofuel or feedstock products.

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