Recognized in Europe as one of the key players offering an independent and objective analysis of the industry


Strategic missions in the alternative fuels sector at the international and cross-sectoral level for oil majors, HVO/SAF refineries, electricity distributors, and investment funds that are considering entering the alternative fuels market and increasing their presence in the Middle East, Asia or South America.

How do we do our job?

We develop customized solutions to accompany you in your projects. We have been following the development and evolution of the bioenergy sector for 15 years. We put this expertise to work for our clients who want to invest in new projects or expand their operations. For each of them, we bring answers adapted to their specificity and their position on the market

Our approach

  • Creating value through innovative solutions,
  • Optimize and rationalize our clients’ structures and organizations,
  • Offering long-term solutions and assisting our clients in their execution in order to achieve best results
  • Obtain tangible results.

Our fields of intervention

  • Consulting on the sourcing strategy for producers of waste-based biofuels
  • Consulting on risk management and optimisation of sourcing
  • Assistance in organising the logistics
  • Financial evaluation of industrial projects (due dilligence, business plan)
  • Quantitative analysis and characteristics of waste-based feedstock and biofuels markets.

Our missions also include the following themes

Analysis of supply and demand

Understanding of pricing mechanisms

Mergers and acquisitions strategies

Sourcing strategies for waste based raw materials - building a trading desk

Life Cycle Assessment of Biofuels and Alternative Fuels

advising in the choice of standards and traceability scheme

GREENEA awarded by EnergyRisk since 2015 and 3 times awarded in 2023

Through these awards obtained every year since 2015, Greenea has established itself as a key player in its market. While the former recognizes its expertise in market analysis, the latter emphasizes the quality of its analyses and its brokerage service: a reassurance for our clients.

#1 2G Biofuels Broker in the Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2023
#1 Research in Biofuels at the Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2023
#1 Biodiesel & Ethanol Broker in the Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2023

Un exemple concret

A LARGE OIL MAJOR : To support its entry into the waste based feedstock market by investing in a new HVO / SAF production unit.

Defining the types of waste-based feedstock that would be suitable for the project (technical analysis, market development, potential supply quantities, pricing, logistic constraints, market segmentation).

Realisation of the waste-based feedstock sourcing plan to optimise the feasibility of the project

Evaluation of the performance of the supply chain in terms of transport, management of stocks, etc.

Putting in place of the logistic platform to manage the supply

Realisation of the investmant plan

Our client portfolio extends internationally to over 50 countries

Animal fat producers

Used cooking oil collectors

Petroleum fuels distributors

Biodiesel and ethanol producers

Hydrogen Producers


Renewable energy producers

Biomass producers

Biogas producers

Operators of electric charging stations

Investors in carbon offsetting

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