Alternative Fuels

GREENEA, a pioneer in the brokerage of biofuel made from residual materials.

The strong link in the biofuel chain

Since the creation of Greenea in 2007, we have been involved in the brokerage of second generation biofuels produced from waste-based and residual feedstocks. We also support our customers in the decarbonization of mobility and industry with new alternative fuels (H2, Electricity, B100, HVO100, e-fuels…).

We are present and assist our customers at every stage of biofuel supply

Analyze the market every day to offer transparent prices

Continuously search for new and trusted suppliers

Connecting buyers and sellers

Coordinate the logistics and routing of goods

Manage administrative formalities and traceability

Organize offtake agreements for clients in the construction phase of projects

Innovate for tomorrow on new uses and new technologies

Greenea assists FAS and e-fuels producers on pricing mechanisms, negotiation of offtake agreements, creation of business plans. We intervene for example on the following products: Biofuel 1st and second generation, HVO, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, methanol, e-fuels.

The value chain of the 2nd generation biodiesel industry

Un exemple concret

A producer of EMHU seeks to optimize the management of raw material purchases for several of its plants by implementing an international sourcing strategy

Audit and diagnosis of the customer's supplies.

Identification of performance factors to be improved (inventory management, anticipation of needs, negotiation with suppliers, etc.)

Definition of new potential partners by geographical area and setting up of privileged agreements.

Implementation of a Global Sourcing strategy plan by extending the network of suppliers internationally.

Design of monitoring, information processing and decision support tools to optimize raw material purchases.

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