Residual raw materials

Recognized in Europe as one of the key players offering an independent and objective analysis of the sector.

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How do we do our job?

We have been working as an independent broker since 2007 on residual feedstocks and first and second generation biofuels.

We are present and assist our customers at every stage of biofuel supply

Icone analyse

Analyze the market every day to offer transparent prices

Icone fournisseur

Analyze the reliability of partners

Icone mecanisme

Connecting buyers and sellers

Icone camion

Coordinate the logistics and routing of goods

Icone certificat

Manage administrative formalities and traceability

Icone certificat

Organize offtake agreements for clients in the construction phase of projects

We work on the following products

  • Bio-heating

    Residue of the distillation of biodiesel, it is composed of fat and ester. Depending on its calorific value, it can be used as fuel in the cogeneration industry.
  • POME

    Palm Oil Mill Effluent is a liquid waste product from the processing (extraction, washing) of palm oil. Its strong acidity makes its treatment necessary. It can be used as an input in the biodiesel industry
  • Fatty acids and acidic oils

    By-products of oil refining (rapeseed, palm, sunflower, soybean).
  • Animal Fat Cat.3

    Animal by-product (pork, poultry, beef, duck, mixed...) that can be used in animal feed, human food and in the biofuel industry. The acidity level (FFA) can be lower than 1% and reach 15%.
  • Animal Fat Cat.1&2

    Animal by-product (pork, poultry, beef...). These raw materials are ISCC certified and their acidity level (FFA) varies between 15% and 35%.
  • Used cooking oil

    Recycled cooking oil certified by a traceability system (ISCC, Red Cert, 2BSVS) with an acidity (FFA) max 5-6%, and an iodine content between 50 -120.

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